Shopping Saturday: Pursenality

Shopping Saturday 05 21 2016

Once upon a time, Artful Blasphemy had a little purse-making business called Purse Your Lips, and hawked said wares at the local craft market and other festival-type venues until such time as another crafter decided to devalue her labor and sell similar (less well-made, naturally) bags for half the price. Artful Blasphemy happily exited the standing-outside-being-friendly gigs forever, and if I never make another purse, it will be too soon.

Thus, this Shopping Saturday, we seek a summer bag.

This, (upper left corner) for evenings or even with jeans and vintage cowboy boots would do well–found at Heidi Abra which is where my fabulous, gigantic bag hails from–although rather than paying $895 for it, I picked it up second hand for $45. The Thrift Gods were on my side that day.

Also from Heidi Abra, third from the left, is this leather, Art Nouveau bag–smaller, but very high class bohemian. I want.

Second from the left is a beautifully printed messenger bag from Baba Studios, which used to be on Etsy but has left for a stand-alone platform (I was SO relieved to find them, I have one bag of theirs that is exquisite). Two more of their bags are shown on the upper right corner (do visit that one, it is a print of bats, I shit you not) and bottom left corner.

Let us not forget the beauty of vintage bags, either. Fourth from the left top row is a charming little red bag from Etsy seller EastBaseline. It’s a steal at that price.  You can’t go wrong with a vintage-look doctor’s bag, either–this lovely offered by Etsy seller RayliHandmade (caution, it’s a Chinese based company, and I would do some research prior to ordering…)

Vintage from the 1920s beaded bag is just a treasure. From Etsy seller RosasVintageFinds. Or, go total gypsy with the second from the left, bottom row, brass bag from Etsy seller HeidisTreasureChest.

Enid Collins bags are both highly collectible and just shout out “Summer!” to my sensibilities. Third from the left on the bottom is classic example of Collins’ work, offered by Etsy seller TheVintageKatCO. Dead center is a photo of my own Enid Collins bucket purse, signed by the maker and titled “The Strawberry Roan.” I have been sitting on this bag to see if it will increase in value or, if I dare paint a unicorn horn on it and make it my OOAK Collins bag….

For modern graphic impact, this Death’s Head Moth-themed red bag from Plastic Land is lovely. Or, go freakishly modern with the last bag on the lower right corner. Another Asian seller, shipping out of Hong Kong, I want to believe that KiliDesign is legit.

OOTD: OpArt Thrift Store Genius

One Friday, instead of working, the Acolyte and I went thrifting. It was a glorious afternoon, and amongst many treasures, Artful Blasphemy scored this sweet, Op-Art visual festival for like, $7. This is the sort of thing that the Artful Blasphemer lives for.

I wore this to a High Tea themed graduation party. I regret not adding a hat.

Necklace: Vintage, glass, very dangerous.

Vest: Charlotte Russe, purchased at La Tienda de Jardin for $2.50.

Black L/S tee: Max Studio

Skirt: Issac Mizrahi for Target, $5 at La Tienda

Pikolinos boots from ThredUp

OOTD: More Layers More

Artful Blasphemy had a little theme going here, as this ensemble includes the other body con knit dress from Choxi that you saw yesterday.

Graphic tree blouse: John Fashion via Satan.

Sweater: Peruvian Connection, purchased second hand in Santa Fe at Double Take. {Sad Story: I bought this for $50, which in thrift currency is a pirate’s fortune, and the third time I wore it we got bleach on it when taking my hair to platinum because I was in too big a hurry to take it off and wear a smock as my hairdresser suggested. Lesson Learned.}

Knit dress: Capella Apparel from Choxi

Tights: Trendy Legs — they are fabulous

Born Boots

OOTD: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Sometimes Artful Blasphemy likes to wear all the fabulous things together.

Coat is vintage 60s and probably had a matching sheath dress that went with it. Where the dress wound up is anyone’s guess, but the coat — found in a thrift store–is mine, mine, mine.

A lady accosted me over this coat while I was waiting to see my shrink (rude–we do not accost people at the therapist’s office, we nod or offer a sight smile and move on). “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?” She cried. I said, “It’s vintage.” (This is where the conversation should end, since this means there is only one, and I have it). “BUT WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!” she demanded. “Um. At a thrift store.” Still, apparently, not enough. “WHICH ONE?” “Look, it was years ago, I don’t know.” Affronted, she swept away.

That’s the thing about thrift–it’s a contest to find the good stuff, and where this coat is concerned, I WON.

Dress: Ali Ro via ThredUp. I *love* the graphic quality of the print.

Peacock feather tights are several years old from ModCloth. They are losing their religion and won’t last much longer, sadly.

Miz Mooz booties from Satan. Artful Blasphemy broke a key rule with these. The rule is that I am not allowed to buy shoes from Satan unless I have worn them before and know for certain what size and how they fit.


I *really* wanted a pair of Miz Mooz shoes, so I spun the wheel of chance and it worked out. Whew!

OOTD: Gossamer Mommy Sweater

You can’t pick your family, amirite? Once upon a time I chose a sister, Luray Hodder Kuca. She died in 2007, but this sweater always reminds me of her. She called this my “Gossamer Mommy” sweater because it is hella unfriendly to children. It snags, it’s scratchy, the sleeves dip into bowls of cereal….but, it’s so lovely.

The sweater is mohair, and Artful Blasphemy found it at a yard sale at least ten years ago.

Our staple, the Cheap Ass Black Knit Skirt.

Herringbone and faux leather booties by Mixx Shoes, via Satan.

OOTD: Gray Gray Gray Boots

This is a cute outfit with a makeup error on Artful Blasphemy’s pink, pink eyelids. Sometimes those 1980s roots try to assert themselves, but the pink eye shadow days are best left in the shadows of teenage history.  Deep in the shadows.

Cabi shrug from ThredUp.

Gray dress by M.R.S. Basics, secondhand, from My Rich Sister’s Closet.

Gray cotton sweater tights and the best friends–Born Riding boots.

OOTD: Earthy Gypsy Romance

This was my Thanksgiving Day ensemble. Artful Blasphemy debated the wisdom of the skirt being split to the upper thigh, but felt the boots and tights grounded the outfit so that it didn’t look slatternly. Too much.

The skirt is absolutely amazing. Even better, it was purchased secondhand for $3.50. I know, right? By Mikino, it claims to be a size 4 but obviously it’s quite stretchy. The dye work is so beautiful–the transition from cool blue to earth browns and greens is masterful.

Top: Kiko, silk velvet, also secondhand and found at La Tienda de Jardin.

Boots: Born riding boots.

Sculptz Citron tights–these are unmitigated hell to get into, but they shape everything quite well.

That awesome Lucky belt.

OOTD Accidental Soft Focus

Velvet is why we have Fall and Winter.

Sweater is from Newport News. Artful Blasphemy is particularly fond of how feminine and shapely it is, however it also has crocheted lace sleeves, which is not warm at all, so there is a gray tee underneath.

Artful Blasphemy actually finds many reasons to question the design of sweaters. Like, why would a person want a short sleeved sweater? Why would you ventilate the sleeves? Sweater Design: The Secretive World of Climate and Knitting.

Crushed velvet broomstick skirt by Ravia, acquired at the fabulous Double Take in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is, bar none, the best second hand store you’ll ever go to. They have extremely high end designer wear, and entire section of vintage and modern Western wear, and then “regular” second hand. It’s one of the Artful Blasphemer’s favorite places.

Rieker booties, I *think.*

See you next year, ducks! Remember, a hangover is a terrible way to start the new year.

OOTD Costume vs Fashion

Artful Blasphemy makes a living as a costumer, so the line between costume and regular fashion is already blurry. Case in point, the sleeveless top featured here was made by Grace Costumes New York, and I bought it for $2.50 at a hasty little sale rack during the Day of the Dead festival.

It’s leather, you guys. And it was clearly, at one time, accented with hot glue that has since been peeled off. Everything about it is the opposite of pristine perfection and yet….it’s an amazing piece. Also, it fits as if it were made for the Artful Blasphemer’s figure. Sometimes a piece of clothing is like a work of art, and transcends categorization. It’s a prime example of wearing what makes you happy.

Under layer is Max Studio.

Skirt: Peruvian Connection, purchased secondhand at My Rich Sister’s Closet.

Shoes: Fidji booties.

OOTD Thrifted Assembly

Artful Blasphemy has a few rules about Thrifting, one of which is that she never buys Walmart or Old Navy second-hand. Frankly, we don’t buy them first-hand, either, as they are crap.

However, all rules are made to be broken, and this vest is a Walmart label that I found at Savers. I had to alter it so that it fit tightly and was more Victorian, and I added new buttons. One might never know its humble beginnings.

Shirt: Cop Copine, also thrifted at Savers.

Skirt: Isabella Bird, purchased second-hand at La Tienda de Jardin, a boutique supporting our local homeless day care center.

Fidji taupe booties and houndstooth knit tights.