A Note on Online Consignment via ThredUp

Artful Blasphemy has been shopping with ThredUp for some months, and as a buyer I’ve been very happy. Their photography is good, descriptions are accurate and shipping is fast enough. With that going swimmingly, the Artful Blasphemer looked to her max-density closet and ordered a clean out kit.

I carefully researched each item I sent against the accepted brands and for quality. I packed off a Santa-sized sack of clothing before Christmas. Once it was received, I got an email from ThredUP noting an overwhelming volume of clothing and apologizing that there would be some delay in processing. I was told to expect the bag’s contents to be dealt with by January 14, 2016. This was a tad longer than I would have anticipated, but they are a growing company, etc, and I imagine I’m not the only person who cleaned out her closet over the holiday break.

Yesterday being the day, I moseyed over to ThredUp and noted immediately a credit on my account of $57 and change. I thought that seemed rather low, but this was an experiment after all.  I clicked over and examined the items listed as being in the bag to see what all had been accepted and credited to my account.

Here’s where it goes terribly wrong: Half of the items listed as being from me were not from my bag. The double-downside is that I did not make an inventory of everything I sent, so there’s no way for me to determine what is missing, but if I know I sent in at least 20 or more items and my bag shows 18 items accepted and only half are mine, WHERE ARE THE CLOTHES I SENT?

An email has been sent to customer service, but I have little hope that they will be able to resolve the situation given that I can’t provide a list of what exactly was in the bag in the first place. I suspect asserting that there were “A LOT” of items is too vague. While I doubt I will be repeating this process anytime soon, I caution anyone considering it to fully document what you send–which, given the pretty low payout is hardly worth the time and effort unless you are sending in very high-end stuff. 

I’m quite disappointed, naturally, and may have to stop tagging ThredUp in instagram posts and the like since I hate to recommend a company that can’t manage their inventory. It’s a damn shame.