Pattern On Pattern FTW

Adding this sheer plaid over the tie dye took this from a little too relaxed to a lot more interesting. Layers, man, layers. 


OOTD: Loud

Another pair of loud pants I made. These are harder to pair, and while it seems odd that red works since there isn’t actually any red in the print, somehow, that’s the best combo. 

OOTD: Don’t Be Smarmy With Me

The pink top that never lets me down along with a skirt I made. I also made a top that matches this skirt, and when I would wear it to work, one of the professors I worked with would say it was a very “Gustav Klimt” outfit. It isn’t, though, the colors are wrong. It’s really much more Seurat with that muted palette and all the dots. I quit before I got to point that out to him, though.