March Retrospective

My self-paper doll book from March 2016! Happy April!

OOTD: Tiny Closures

Still digging the Modcloth stuff…

Jacket: Jones New York Sport, acquired at La Tienda de Jardin. It has hidden hook and eye closures all the way down the front.  The volunteer said, “I really liked that, too, but the closures were too much” Artful Blasphemy’s inner Victorian, however, was buying it specifically because of that detail.

Top: A crepey, spongy sort of knit from Modcloth, label is Sweet Claire.

Skirt: Isabella Bird, bought second hand in Santa Fe some years ago.

Born Boots.

OOTD: ModCloth Clearance Comfy Dress

My motherlode from the ModCloth end of the year sale finally arrived–so exciting! We are also (at this point in January) within a day or two of leaving for a weekend away in Santa Fe, city of my heart, and I was pretty stoked for some couple time…

Dress: ModCloth, label is De Collection–it’s so comfortable that it seems like it’s breaking a fashion rule.

FLY London boots

OOTD: Girded for Battle, or Something

OOTD 03 28 2016 AOOTD 03 28 2016 B

This was one of those days when it was possible Artful Blasphemy would never return from her closet. Dressing as an art form, for me, means that what I am wearing tends to speak to how I am feeling.  Sometimes I just can’t find what would reflect the state of my inner being, you know?

Neck scarf/shawl: from my mother–it’s quite fancy.

Velvet tank as tabard: Double D Ranchwear–part of a three piece NWT set I picked up at La Tienda de Jardin for a song.

Dress: Max Studio, thrifted long ago.

Trendy Legs poetry tights that you can barely see…

OTK boots.

I think I was going in to some sort of battle the day I wore this 😉

Shopping Saturday: Swim Suit Dreams

Shopping Saturday 03 26 2016

A few years ago, Artful Blasphemy challenged herself to pattern and build a swimsuit. As the memory of four prototypes and endless revisions fades, she finds herself thinking about doing it again. But this time, with a commercial pattern.

In preparation, the Eva Dress 1956 Swim or Play Suit & Skirt was purchased two years ago. I will most likely skip the boning and modernize it with a stretch fabric–in particular that kaleidoscope orchid neoprene print from Mood

Of course, my preferred swimsuit would be knee length, like those from the 1920s. You can soak up all the vintage swimwear you want with this book, and get key information as to patterns and construction as well.

The variety of gorgeous, digitally printed neoprene is astonishing. Look at this, and this, at Mood, for example. It’s like I ever even get wet, as I consider my swimsuit an accessorry for looking cute in a lounger with a drink in hand….but it’s hard to pick just one.

There is nothing not to love about this two-piece, shirred 50s number. One wonders about the choice of full-on overcoat versus cover-up, but maybe this is one of those polar bear events and the coat will be ditched just before taking the icy plunge into an icy pond in January.

The Bombshell swimsuit pattern is *very* popular, and has been whipped up by stitchers of all shapes and sizes, extensively photographed and discussed on numerous blogs. If you want to feel like you are part of a hive of swimsuit stitchers, you will have lots of company if you pick this one.  And, given the name, I think you should make it in this mermaid, fish scale spandex or that spectral flame from Friedmans in the UK.

OOTD: Death of the Free People Skirt

Artful Blasphemy’s ears are red because, well, they do that sometimes. This is a sad OOTD because that wonderful Free People skirt that rips every time I wash it? It ripped to a degree that could not be fixed and has been retired. I’m looking at you, Free People, with your cheap, poor-quality construction and ridiculous prices….

Necklaces: A combination of vintage and new sparkly beads.

Jacket: Boiled wool, by Knitted and Knotted via Anthropolgie and my mother.

Skirt: Sob. Free People.

Shoes: Maybe the Rieker booties? Who knows?

OOTD: Denim Fall Back

Denim–one can never go too wrong with denim.

Necklace by a local artist whose name I have forgotten

Vest: Bernardo, from my mother, I love its corset-likeness but man, there are a LOT of buttons on that thing.

Top: Newport News

Skirt: A.N.A. super stretchy denim

Born Boots