I Hate Sundays: Flip Flip Flop

I Hate Sundays 07 31 2016

Flippin’ moth necklace flipped backwards. Sigh. My stylist is a lax canine, she doesn’t notice these things….


Shopping Saturday: Dreaming of Fall In Pantone Color

Shopping Saturday 07 30 2016

Shopping Saturday: Someday Fall Will Come…..

The Fall Pantone colors are the law, you know, so I thought we’d play with two of them, Riverside Blue and Spicy Mustard.

Upper Left Corner: Isn’t that Lagenlook linen gorgeous? Well, stitchers, get your fabric and star draping, because there wasn’t any source information.

Below that, a delicious bag from Etsy seller BogaBag in exactly the right color.

Modcloth can always be counted upon to have the season’s colors on hand and affordable, like these dusty blue platforms. They come to the rescue yet again in the upper right corner, with these spicy shoes that reference the sixties and now all at once.

Artful Blasphemy can’t wear pierced earrings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, and this gorgeous sea-glass pair is really lovely and earthy. From Etsy seller FuschiaBloomStudio.

Take those colors to work with this flirty jacket, also from Modcloth.As good with a skirt as jeans, it’s a great cornerstone basic for the season.

Finally, to remind us that everything old is new again, I found this illustration while I was building a Coles Phillips board on Pinterest. Clearly hailing from the WWI era, note that this magazine cover echoes our current dictated Fall colors exactly. It’s all a cycle, kids.

OOTD: Glorious Combination of Variables

OOTD 07 28 2016 AOOTD 07 28 2016 B

Okay, Artful Blasphemy loves this outfit, and appreciates that Trixie is keeping the paparazzi at a distance with her long stare.

Necklaces: A faux Victorian choker I got for $5 on EBay about 10 years ago, a beaded necklace made by a local crafts person, and some marbles.

Lace bolero: Intuitions, via my mother

Tee: American Eagle

Dress: New York & Company, purchased secondhand at My Rich Sister’s Closet.

Shoes: Cobb Hill

Sneaky Zucchini & Other Updates

Everyday I go out and check my little garden, seeking new growth and hunting tomato bugs, cutting away zucchini leaves so the two little peppers (not the Five Little Peppers, but, you know, I loved that book as a kid….) can get just a tiny taste of sun but somehow I found a giant zucchini hanging down the side like, yes, a dildo  (a dildo for a giant) that had escaped my notice entirely. It’s not a big garden, but those zucchini, they are wily……I find them embarrassing to look at, frankly.



I went to work today even though I am off contract, to change and finish my syllabi to reflect my late start to the semester, to leave instructions for my work study, to email my classes to explain cancellations/delays, and to otherwise smooth the way as much as possible for my coworkers while I am gone. I will miss the first two weeks of classes. I was given very sage, very correct advice that I am under no obligation to manage my own medical absence, and when I thought I was going to be gone a month or better, I agreed. However, whatever I do now will make my return that much the smoother, and maybe there will be points for being a trooper, maybe not–but I feel better leaving things in order than not. And, if there are complications either at the time or down the road with my health, then I may well simply disappear and they will have to figure out how to get along without me anyway.


In addition to the upcoming Epicardial VT Ablation, I have an antibiotic-resistant ear infection and had four migraines last week. Yesterday was the MRI of my brain. This is how that went:

I had an appointment for an MRI at 3:45. As usual, they required me to be there earlier than that, and I was, arriving at 3:20. Then I waited. And waited. And after my appointment was 45 minutes ago, I requested to know WTH was up? Oh, they don’t know. There is some scurrying about. More time goes by. They ask if I am claustrophobic and I say yes, I am, but since I didn’t plan on freaking moving in there, if the closed one is available I’ll take it. Okay, they’ll see..so, that one has an APPOINTMENT at 4:30, but maybe she can take me afterward. Oh, great, yeah, see, but I had an appointment at 3:45. Yes, but there is someone at 4:30 who has an appointment. Okay. I wait. At around 5:00 the receptionist says that “She will take you now, she is STAYING LATE to do your scan.”

I say, “I am so sorry, but you seem to think you are doing me a favor. If someone has to stay late to do their job, that sounds like what happens when you make an appointment for someone and then can’t keep it. *I* paid *YOU* for this privilege.”

Her: “Well, I know, yes, but she IS staying late.”

Me: “No. *I* am staying late. Very, very late. Do you understand what I am saying to you? I AM STAYING LATE and I am not going to fall all over myself because someone else is going to have to do the job they are being paid to do.”

Her: “Oh. Well. Yes.” pause “You could talk to the manager…well, I mean, he’s already left for the day so I could have him call you or you could call him tomorrow.”

Me: Puts hand up. “Stop. I need to get this scan done, okay? I really can’t talk to you about anything else right now.”

Her: “Oh. Oh. Okay then.”

The Lady whose appointment is after mine: “You said it.”

I am so exhausted by the way I am treated as a patient. As if I’m not paying for the service they are providing. The stress of this sort of thing takes away from the reserves one needs to deal with being unwell in the first place.


Book Review Monday: Speak by Louisa Hall


An emotional exploration of the creation of artificial intelligence that becomes too intelligent, but not in the typical “Terminator” or “2001: A Space Odyssey” sort of way. Instead, the artificial intelligence in question becomes too empathetic, creating emotional bonds with those who relate to them (mostly children, as this intelligence is presented in the form of a doll designed to be the child’s own child and friend—a situation that I might have liked to have seen explored further—why? What has happened that parents are no longer the primary emotional attachment their children need and they are therefore being given their own, pseudo-children?) that are then deemed “too strong” and “too life-like” resulting in the removal of all units, who are left in warehouses to drain away their energy and eventually cease to function.

The book goes between several scenarios; in one, a girl who has lost her AI “doll” converses online with another form of AI—a conversation that has been recorded as part of a future trial of the creator of the AI beings, in another, an early pioneer in the field is obsessed with the diary of a Puritan girl traveling to the New World, in another the Puritan girl herself writing her diary, then someone involved in writing the code expresses his regrets via letters to his deceased best friend’s mother and finally one of the units themselves, transcribing to itself as its battery runs out.

Each voice ultimately asks the question of whether or not the AI created is “real” or is it simply so much more sophisticated that it is able to parrot much more insightful, delicate responses when communicated with? Do all humans also refer to a vast memory bank of prior experiences in order to respond to new ones, or are we, as “real” humans, in an act of creation when we communicate that is entirely different than what the AI are doing? Can they FEEL, can they comprehend, or are they just the most complex attempt yet seen? These questions are atrfully raised but of course cannot be fully answered.

The text flows extremely well, characters are well-developed and given unique voices. The philosophical questions are complex and thought-provoking, and the author creates, too, an emotional response between reader and AI, furthering the question at hand—is it “real”? What *is* real? 4 Stars.

OOTD: Easy Layers Vogue 1410

OOTD 07 25 2016 AOOTD 07 25 2016 B

Hair–released from the artful mess that Artful Blasphemy found stressful.

Sweater: Just a cheap thing I bought at one point to wear to physical therapy (back before we realized that PT only injures my delicate lady joints). I cannot stand it because the stripes don’t match but sometimes it’s chilly and once must make compromises.

Top: I made it! Using Vogue 1410, I modified it by eliminating the scoop of the armscye and squaring it so that there’s a little faux cap sleeve thing going on. For this one I also used a jersey rayon spandex knit instead of a woven.

Skirt:Max Studio via ThredUp

Shoes: FLY London