Winter 2017: Art Quilting Studio Magazine and ME!

On newsstands today, the Winter 2017 edition of Art Quilting Studio which features my work! People all over the world will be looking at my work in one of the most beautifully photographed magazines I have ever seen. A little over a year ago I decided to make a huge commitment to myself as an artist, and hired MeganBagels to work as my studio assistant so I could maximize my time. In less than a year, my newest body of work was noticed and I was invited to submit for this publication.

Even in a time of intense self doubt and a lot of negative stuff happening behind the curtain, THIS reminds me that I am an extremely skilled, very creative, brilliant artist and there are people who get what I’m doing. Thanks also to Michelle Arterburn, whose lovely button is so gorgeous they were afraid it would detract from the stitching, so they covered it up (srsly). Visit my Etsy store, Artful Blasphemy, to snap up some one-of-a-kind work. I’ll probably be at Barnes & Noble or JoAnns telling people, “I’m in this magazine” until they call security.