OOTD: Vogue 1502 With Variations

OOTD 07 31 2017 AOOTD 07 31 2017 BV1502_01

So, I made this from Vogue 1502, and the bottom picture is the cover of the pattern. I decided, because this is how I roll, to make it in a stretch instead of a woven, and to add to the difficulty, I used a stretch mesh with small ruffles all through it that was SUPER see-through. Also, I applied “must not buy anything new” as a rule to force stash busting.

The best part of using stretch in a woven pattern is that you get to eliminate zippers, but I can also tell you I did not pick the most perfect fabric given the pieced yoke at center front, but I made do and I think it’s okay.

Other items of interest:

The pattern provides for a sort of built in camisole and slip, which I used a nude knit for, but I also backed the bodice with a palest gray power net due to how transparent the fabric was. This turned out to be a mistake, as the gray and the nude made the skirt and bodice look like they were different colors. How did this get solved? Well, ultimately the dress was still too see-through on the bottom, so I added that draped peplum affair. Which I like, and I don’t think it has the “emergency fix” look.

Also, since I used a stretch, I didn’t have to cut all that bias binding, I just self bound with the mesh, and I eliminated the bow–I loathe bows. I’m just not precious enough for that.

I do plan to try it again in a woven at some point, as I really like the dress.

OOTD: Pants Can’t Be Full Enough (Vogue 9257)

OOTD 07 26 2017 AOOTD 07 26 2017 B

I found this loud, rayon twill (with some stretch) fabric in my stash and have no idea where it came from. Did someone give it to me? Did I steal it? I don’t know. BUT, I also ordered Vogue 9257 for the super wide legged trousers and they seemed a good match. This is also my first actual zippered fly front–in theater we never make things with zippers if hooks will do, and I typically make pants with side zippers.

So, I love the pants, but I HATE them with this blouse. After wearing them this way I switched to a red, loose blouse that was far better. Sadly, it has not been photographed.

OOTD: Patchwork

OOTD 07 24 2017 BOOTD 07 24 2017 A

So, maybe two years ago, I got obsessed with making my own patchwork fabric. I made maybe three, four garments and lost interest, putting the whole project in the closet instead of listing it on Etsy as planned. This is one of those pieces, along with a cute top I got at La Tienda de Jardin and a necklace I found on clearance at Lulu. Also some cute MukLuk sandals that Choux has since, sadly, destroyed.

OOTD: Vogue 8813 The Second

OOTD 07 11 2017 AOOTD 07 11 2017 B

I was not kidding when I said I was obsessed with Vogue 8813. I ordered the green linen to go with what I had remaining of the print, which is a Japanese linen (if I win the lottery I am going to have a whole room just for Japanese linen).

As you can see, the dress is more architectural in this fabric, because it’s thicker and stiffer than rayon. Also, the color blocking plays up the pattern pieces, which is fun.

On this one I chose to lower the shirring and to do two instead of three rows. I again drafted facings, because finishing is important, VOGUE.

OOTD: Not A Tent

OOTD 07 10 2017 AOOTD 07 10 2017 B

This is me demonstrating that the blouse is not shapeless. If it were made in silk or rayon, this would be clear, but although, ALTHOUGH the tag is “Silkland” it’s…cotton. So it’s a tent.

I made the skirt–well, actually, I made one of those dresses with the very,very, very long straps at the top that allow you to twist and wrap and configure and contort it into all kinds of different ways. However, I planned poorly because my print has an obvious wrong side, and that does not work with all the twisting and such. So I chopped off the top and slapped in a waistband and there you have it. A skirt.

OOTD: Large

YES, it needs a belt. But it felt flowy and cool and I liked it until I photographed it.

I made the top out of a big square I had left of some crap fabric (they can’t all be great) that was so loosely woven it really couldn’t be matched. It has since been relegated as PJs with the pants I made from the same fabric.

OOTD: Vogue 8813 For the First (but not last) Time

OOTD 07 05 2017 AOOTD 07 05 2017 B

If you ever search Vogue 8813 on Pinterest you will be amazed by how popular and interesting this pattern happens to be. I became obsessed and actually paid FULL PRICE for this bitch, that’s how much I wanted it.

The teenager walked by the form and said, “That’s a shawl.” I said, “No, it’s a dress.” He said, “It’s a HUGE dress, mom. It’s too big for you.” I said, defensively, “It’s a LOOSE and FLOWY dress.”

Changes I made: I lengthened it. The pattern is a shorter dress and I don’t do that without tights and it’s summer so, no. I added about 12″ in a band around the hemline (later I went in and altered the pattern length, but this was my first attempt). Also, I made a facing for the neckline and can I say, SHAME ON YOU VOGUE for your lack of facings. If I want sloppy shortcut sewing, I go to Simplicity, thank you.

Also, the pattern has this very complicated business with the shirring at the center front, and I said, “Fuck that” and used 1/8″ wide elastic and stretched as I zig-zagged it. Much easier.

Fabric is a lovely, soft rayon I got in downtown El Paso last year the night before my heart surgery (a girl about to do that gets to go fabric shopping, it’s the law).

OOTD: Studio Surprise Sewing

OOTD 07 03 2017 A

I got bored in the studio and took the remains of two fabrics that didn’t think they should get together and made this skirt based on a line drawing I saw on Pinterest. One fabric is a fabulous, diamond woven linen that buckles and scrunches when washed and the other is a high-quality stretch wool plaid that has an error in the pattern. There was no matching happening here, it was just a whim. But I really like it.