OOTD: Bird Pants & Tutorial Review

Artful Blasphemy has become obsessed with very wide legged trousers with exciting prints. I found an online pants project sponsored by JoAnn Fabrics, here. It claimed to be easy, which already seemed a fallacy, since pants are very difficult to fit, especially on oneself. I absolutely, emphatically do not recommend this project to a new or even moderate-level stitcher, as it doesn’t even come with a PDF that you can print and assemble from 81/2″x 11″ paper. It simply shows the pieces on a grid and then you have to figure that all out and draw it. If you don’t own a patterning ruler, you are up a creek in terms of drafting the crotch. And even then, unless you already have a pants sloper, adjustments will need to be made.

Where I nailed it was in the back. That is a perfectly fitted ass, if I do say so myself. But, I had major issues with the waistband and the front. If you look, right above my fingers is a horizontal wrinkle—that means that a vertical adjustment is necessary–the rise (distance from crotch to waist) is too high, so it’s buckling. Also the center of the waist band is pointy where it shouldn’t be. I had to go back in by removing the waistband, truing it by re-cutting that curve at center front, and then trimming an inch off the front that tapered back into the sides so as not to mess with the back.

Tedious. But worth it–except, don’t use that tutorial. Get a pants pattern, mock up in shorts form, make your fit adjustments there, and alter your pattern accordingly. Way less labor. Take it from me.