Book Review: Tea With the Black Dragon (Am I Missing Something?)


Tea With the Black Dragon, R.A. MacAvoy

Would I have liked this if I read it as a child? Maybe? There’s so little here to sink one’s teeth into, despite it being a Hugo/Nebula nominee in the 1980s. Where some have found greatness, I found….insipid dialogue, foolish characters, and a plot that just wasn’t compelling. Also, it’s not a book, it’s a novella (barely). It’s funny how for some, a book is a total win and then others are just left cold. I am definitely left cold, sorry to say. 1 star.


OOTD: Too Much Fabric

OOTD 07 13 2017 AOOTD 07 13 2017 B

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my stash and randomly select a piece of fabric and make something not so well planned just to satisfy the justification of having so much fabric. In this case, a low quality cotton shawl (but longer, but shorter than a sari) with gold embroidery became this top. Anxiety eased, I threw it over the $4 Target dress and we were on our way.

OOTD: Vogue 8813 The Second

OOTD 07 11 2017 AOOTD 07 11 2017 B

I was not kidding when I said I was obsessed with Vogue 8813. I ordered the green linen to go with what I had remaining of the print, which is a Japanese linen (if I win the lottery I am going to have a whole room just for Japanese linen).

As you can see, the dress is more architectural in this fabric, because it’s thicker and stiffer than rayon. Also, the color blocking plays up the pattern pieces, which is fun.

On this one I chose to lower the shirring and to do two instead of three rows. I again drafted facings, because finishing is important, VOGUE.

Book Review: Bloodchild and Other Stories (Bait & Switch)


Bloodchild and Other Stories, Octavia Butler

I have read other Octavia Butler novels and consider her work vastly important and worthwhile, even as it is often uncomfortable. I had not read Bloodchild, which is very well-known, or the other short story in this volume. What I did find irritating is that there is also a long essay included—which makes the title misleading. Am I nitpicking? Yes, but….the mood to read short stories and that to read essays is different, and I might not have bought the book had I know. 4 Stars only for Bloodchild, 2 Stars for the rest.