OOTD: Unseasonal

Obviously it was still cold weather. Somewhere this month time will take a big leap forward because I lost a bunch of photos and also went on a photo-taking hiatus. But don’t worry, as long as I keep on wearing clothes, we’ll still have a blog.

Book Review: Pym (Hella Confusement)


Pym, Mat Johnson

I was really interested in this based on the synopsis and that the subject matter was about an African American experience in Academia—there aren’t a lot of books about black professors, as far as I know. The first part of the book is funny, sharp-witted and full of observations that enlarged my view of the world. The rest….is this post modern? I know it’s all allegorical and metaphorical and such but it veers into such utter strangeness that I found myself really mourning the loss of the first part.

I wanted to know more about being a black professor whose peers feel isn’t “black enough” and being a self-destructive academic with a huge book collection, but instead the book takes us on a bizarre and hard to follow trip to Antartica where they find giant…abominable snow persons? I get the irony, black people exploring the whiteness, but the rest of the book was, sadly, entirely lost on me. I don’t even know how to rate it. It might be a masterpiece, it might be utter trash, I JUST CAN’T TELL. It got so very, very weird. 2 and half stars, I guess.

Book Review: Lady Cop Makes Trouble (A Bit, Not Too Much)



Lady Cop Makes Trouble, Amy Stewart

The second in what I would describe as “Historical Fiction Lite” focusing on real-life Sheriff’s Deputy Constance Kopp, this book indicates that the author plans to create a mystery series that could go on indefinitely. Thus, while still imminently readable and entertaining, it begins to suffer from a formulaic feel, knowing that soon there will be a whole new set of hijinks for our heroine to navigate, and having already explored the time period, the reader might expect to find future editions a bit repetitive and stale.

As a reader, I tend to dislike mysteries for the sake of mysteries, and am never (so far) that inclined to read a big series featuring the same characters. Four is about is far as I can usually go, and in this series I suspect two is the limit. Still, this one was a quick, painless read and perfectly harmless. 3 stars.