OOTD: With and Without Oillily

I wore this two ways. The jacket is Oillily and I got it at a thrift store in Santa Fe a few years ago (said thrift was (wo)manned by a very snotty volunteer who seemed affronted that I thought her opening of the doors meant I could come in. Ugh. I love the jacket, but it’s not as easy to pair up with things as you might think.

Sweater is Anthropologie–yet another time I’ve ordered something new from them and lived to regret it.

Levis jeans

Dolce Vita booties

OOTD: Vintage Sweater, All Black


Vintage 60s DonKenny sweater that I have had forever and can’t decide if I like it or not.

Knit black skirt, label….I’m not sure and too lazy to go get it out of the closet because if I do that I have to take Choux Choux with me and getting her back out of my closet without any damage is really challenging.

Born Boots.

OOTD: Black and Limepeel


Choux Choux. Her eyes still look blue in these photos, but they have changed to a golden, bronze-y green as she’s grown.

Wool top from Anthropologie, label is Moth.

Ruffled top I thrifted years ago.

Limepeel green pants via Satan. I have mixed feelings about them every time I wear them.

Born boots.

Book Review: In The Age Of Miracles (Quietly Wonderful)


The Age of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker

Often the main difference I can find between YA and regular books is a propensity for extreme violence and little, if any, sex (and that’s a whole other essay about why we can’t have some physical love but we can have utter carnage). Much of it is derivative or overly simplified, if not basely insulting to the readers’ perceived intelligence.

Which makes The Age of Miracles really refreshing. Dystopian, haunting and nuanced, it gives the reader a lens into a catastrophic world even that unfolds even as daily life must also proceed at the same time. Finely balanced between the experience of massive, global change and the timelessness of growing up, it deftly handles its characters and their experiences while staying grounded in how a young adult comes to terms with the world and herself. Daily life goes on in the face of most sweeping events, yet it is also transformed by the pressure cooker of uncertainty and divisiveness, permanently changing relationships both with nature and humans. 4 stars.

OOTD: Black White & Puppy


Cashmere sweater from La Tienda de Jardin, label is Neiman Marcus (Fancy!)

Skirt is Lapis, bought in Mesilla secondhand.

Choux Choux, accessory du jour.

Fly London boots

Antique porcelain necklace I got at an antique sale. It was filthy disgusting and the guy at the booth couldn’t believe I wanted it. After a nice soak in Oxyclean and some gentle cleaning with a toothbrush a gleaming necklace with a zillion parts and no damage emerged.

OOTD: Cuteness Overload


Choux Choux, like all dearly beloved puppies, is getting noticeably bigger. She’s even getting that baby belly and she still, at this point, smells like a puppy.

I’m wearing clothes. Let’s be honest, we only care about the baby.

OOTD: DKNY Treasure


DKNY tunic I bought years ago and loved so much I found another one at Savers years later and snapped it up. It has pockets.

Beautiful necklace by Michelle Arterburn

Divided tee from ThredUp

Harem Pant from Satan

Born Boots