Welcome to Artful Blasphemy, a fashion-related blog that is also about art, feminism, theater, illustration, fiber art, health and any other tidbit I think to throw into the mix.

Getting dressed has always been a form of artistic expression, and having a job as a creative has allowed me to express myself on a level many professions might frown on. But, there are still plenty of frowns for women over 40, women who create their own style, women who don’t want to conform, women who are feminists and artists and, well….women who are alive.

There are no frowns here. Like my style and want to emulate it? Awesome. Like my style but it’s not how you want to dress? Cool. Trying to figure out what your style is? So are a lot of us. I might know what I want to look like today, but tomorrow….I may feel completely differently. My goal is to be  inspirational in terms of embracing yourself and your own uniqueness. Life is short, and if we let all the rules squelch our creativity, we’ll still be dead when it’s over.

Meanwhile, let’s hang out.