Alchemy: Golden Windows

Artful Blasphemy is currently obsessed with a T-shaped tunic pattern as the best art garment ever. This one is unfinished, but I am using a combination of a bound opening/reverse applique to create these tumbling, organic blocks that are like windows. This one of a kind wearable art will likely find its way to Etsy–along with several others that are in the works.

Alchemy: Not Paper Dolls

Alchemy 02 03 2016

Using scissors murders Artful Blasphemy’s hands. I’ve gotten around it in terms of garment construction by switching from scissors to rotary cutting, which is also more accurate and faster, but for carefully getting an image separated from a piece of fabric, it takes scissors. This, then, is where The Acolyte comes in–she is young and hilarious and smart AND she can cut out stuff like crazy. Go, Acolyte, Go!

Alchemy: Stubborn Drawing


This drawing, like a small child in a grocery store, dropped to its knees and refused to go one step further no matter what I offered it. It’s been holding that pouty, stubborn position for at least a year now.

I will continue to patiently wait for it to get tired so that we can go forward.

Alchemy: Progress on The Mermaid’s Funeral

Alchemy 12 30 2015

The next step in the new body of work, a series of assemblages. This one, The Mermaid’s Funeral, is shown above in a test layout. I have the background painting where I want it, so now I have to decide how to lay in the other elements and then attach them. It will likely change a bit before I’m entirely satisfied, but I’m closing in on it.


Alchemy: Christmas Decor

Alchemy 12 23 2015 AAlchemy 12 23 2015 B

Arranging beloved objects is a big part of Artful Blasphemy’s artistic expression. If you are an artist, it applies to everything you do, even if it’s not your primary art form.

Arranging the Christmas tin and vintage Santa collection on the buffet in our dining room is something I look forward to doing every year, and it’s never the same twice.